Thursday, May 27, 2004

WaPo Reports the Globe's 2nd Major Photo Screw-up of the month

Wapo reports:
It all began when the Boston Globe ran an article Tuesday saying Boston College graduates were napping during their commencement ceremonies, with a photo of said napping. Unfortunately, Tim Russert's commencement speech was the focus of the story. Matt Drudge saw the two together and posted it on his Web site with the headline "School Daze: Grads Snooze Through Tim Russert Commencement Speech," creating a ruckus.

"We voiced our disappointment and questioned the paper's judgment with the editor and ombudsman, and the editor has apologized," Boston College spokesman Jack Dunn told us. "The picture was completely misrepresentative of the event speech." Dunn said the Class of 2004 was wowed by Russert, a Boston native whose son will enter Boston College in the fall.

"Tim Russert gave an excellent commencement speech," Dunn declared. "It was well received, interrupted on several occasions with applause" -- eight times, we hear -- "and ended with a standing ovation."

Globe editor Marty Baron told us yesterday: "I do think it's regrettable that we ran that photo and I think it's not the appropriate photo to select.
This is a recording...or a form letter.
"Typically at any graduation there are going to be kids who fall asleep, and as amusing a photo it might have been, it was inappropriately placed and inappropriately used."
No doubt we'll get a silly apology in tomorrow's tome for the poor choice of photo that accompanied the story. I'll give odds that they make NO mention that they ran the same apology a week ago for running the bogus porn photos as alleged war crimes.

It is worth pondering how unforgiving these haughty sloths would be in blasting some pol or (God forbid) businessman who made the same stupid high-profile mistake twice in two weeks. It is SUPERB to read this first in the WaPo.

The best way to say it is:

Running a porn shot as a war photo: 1 lousy apology
Trashing local school with a tasteless photo: 1 lousy apology with less excuse
Having your foolish blunders written up in WaPo: PRICELESS

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