Wednesday, June 09, 2004

all-white, all-male, (and all something else we can't mention here)

Yvonne Abraham penned this story back on May 26 which was should win a Pulitzer for best fiction or humor. So I gotta check her story out today, because she might just be on a roll. The story is that Charles Stith wants the Massachusetts Congressional delegation to include one fewer person of pallor, and believes he would be an ideal candidate as a replacement:
..."Knowing that the state's politics are going to be shaken up if US Senator John F. Kerry wins the presidential race, Stith says he wants black candidates -- unable to crack the state's all-white, all-male, congressional delegation for decades -- to enter the fray. And he's thinking about starting with himself."
Glad to hear it. Maybe they should start a racial preference program for Congressional elections. Of course there already is such a [de-facto]program in many states, implemented through the Gerrymander. Why not in the Athens of America? We might get a Republican congressperson out of the deal. Come to think of it, maybe that IS WHY we don't have a person of color in Congress. It might hurt The Party.

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