Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Bashing Bush for Invoking Reagan's Legacy (without mentioning Kerry's tasteless Photo-Op Appearance at Reagan's bier)

Today's fron page Bush-bash notes that both campaigns are trying to seize Reagan's legacy but does not note that JFK will have to stretch the truth a lot further to make this claim. Then there is the civility thing:
"The Senate minority leader, Thomas A. Daschle of South Dakota, used the occasion to lament that in the decade since Reagan announced his affliction with Alzheimer's disease, the spirit of bipartisan cooperation has turned sour."
Have you perhaps forgotten "the spirit of bipartisan cooperation" that prevailed in the Houses of Congress during the Clinton years? Sorry, but I missed that one, too. Perhaps he was referring to Clinton's getting 90% of the Repubs and just a few (but enough) of his own party on board to pass things like welfare reform and the NAFTA agreement. These made most of the Demos shriek at the time, but now are praised by The Presumptive Nominee. Is that what you meant, Mr Minority Leader? Well, let's bring 'ol Newt back to the House so we can try to return to those good old harmonious days!

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