Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Joan Vennochi - Canary of the Democratic Mineshaft?

Watching the Liberal Media handle the Kerry-Cambodia [non]story reminds me of intrigues within the Roman Curia. So much discussion and so little of it taking place in public.

Today the dam breaks a little more as the Globe's Joan Vennochi mentions the Great Unmentionable of the last 10 days. Excerpts:
"Kerry's statements about Cambodia do have traction for opponents. He has referred to spending Christmas or Christmas Eve 1968 in Cambodia and coming under fire...The Kerry campaign now says Kerry's runs into Cambodia came in early 1969....Answers like that aren't good enough...Kerry put his Vietnam service before voters as the seminal character issue of his presidential campaign. He should answer every question voters have about it -- and he should answer them himself."
Joan is a leading indicator in that she is willing to admit the obvious in writing before most of the MSM. Read the whole thing.

Also today the LA Times has a big story about the story...finally. It is rather well spun in that it edits out the most damning parts of Kerry's past quotes. Nevertheless by tomorrow or Thursday, even the NY Times may discover this story.

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