Saturday, November 20, 2004

Old murders discovered in Boston

Today's Boston Globe
I missed it in yesterday’s Boston Globe, but today there is no way to miss the first coverage of the van Gogh murder and the reaction to it in the Netherlands. The Globe had 2 related stories yesterday here and here, as well as a page 1 story today here.

Van Gogh was murdered on November 2, 2 ½ weeks ago. Clearly stories about failures of Islamic immigrants to assimilate into European national cultures are something that Europeans and the media in general are uncomfortable to discuss in detail. They raise questions about cultural values that are always difficult, but of course will not go away as long as people live together.

Thanksgiving or Halloween?
On the macabre side, there is this story of the woman who shot and killed her husband in 1983 and left his body in a freezer for years unknown to all until she made a death-bed confession to one of her children. [Nasty remark about Somerville deleted].

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