Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Thanks, and VOTE!

First of all, thank you for reading.

Second, please make sure to VOTE today. Of course vote according to your best judgment and your conscience, but vote.

On a much lower level of importance…the daily gem from the Boston Globe. Joan Vennochi today epitomizes the blind faith of zealous campaign finance reformers as she writes of Senator McCain (emphasis mine):

"He wins accolades as the champion of campaign finance reform even though in the end, the legislation he championed cleared the way for groups like Swift Boat Veterans for Truth to raise unlimited amounts of money to underwrite candidate attack ads. Now that the campaign finance loophole is obvious to all, McCain is pledging to work in the courts and through legislation to regulate these outside advocacy groups."

Why mention just the Swifties when the four largest donors to 527s (such as Soros) all contributed to left-liberal ones? But after 6 straight months of nasty campaigning, is there anyone alive who thinks that our campaign finance reform has elevated the level of political debate in the country? Surprisingly, yes. People like Joan – showing all the faith of the Bolsheviks who built the worker's paradise one prison cell at a time – actually believe that if they can just close the next loophole, then big money will be walled off from our democratic processes.

Quite seriously, if US corporations as a matter of business judgment are willing to spend BILLIONS of dollars every year promoting one brand of watery beer over another, why is it so evil for groups in our country to freely choose to spend one billion dollars to promote their choice in an election that these same starry-eyed reformers proclaim is the most important in decades?

Why do they have so little faith in the wisdom of our electorate?

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