Monday, January 31, 2005

A content-free weekend

The weekend and Monday Globe are issues that have fairly little interesting content. Instead I went fishing at the NY Times and found this article in the NY Times Magazine by Matt Bai about SEIU President Andy Stern. It was the most interesting piece I saw over the weekend. Stern is a unique union president.

On Monday both the NY Times and the Globe covered Kerry’s Sunday appearance on “Meet the Press”, but neither report mentioned Kerry's weak response to direct questions about his seared memory of “Christmas in Cambodia”. You can find a thorough take on that part of the program in this post at Power Line. One has to wonder what the Times, the Globe, and other MSM organs are thinking when they cover Kerry’s TV appearance without mentioning the uncomfortable parts. It sure doesn’t seem that they are fast learners about the value of candor in the era of Internet-enabled information distribution. Oh well.

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