Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Poorly Behaved Brats

There are a couple of amusing reads among today’s Globe columns.

First, Eileen McNamara once again bashes the Archdiocese of Boston. Eileen must be the kind of person who never tires of catching fish in a barrel. How much courageous journalism does it take to blast the bureaucratic stupidity of the Archdiocese of Boston? Of course there is no point in feeling too sorry for the victim, either. The Archdiocese has decided to use the space in a shuttered Catholic school for its marriage Tribunal rather than sell it to a community organization.

The Archdiocese epitomizes an organization that is profoundly deaf to its constituents (“stakeholders” in trendy parlance), but that point was well proven some time ago. Eileen does not mention that the Archdiocese has such a giant problem with its current cash flow that it will likely be liquidating assets regularly for some time to come.

On a lighter note, Scot Lehigh comments on reality TV and its latest manifestation, “Supernanny”:
…I have to confess that the charm of most reality TV eludes me. Tribal councils? Immunity? Alliances? I don't care if everyone stays on the island, but if it were up to me, I'd vote them all off the air.
Amen! The Supernanny, Jo Frost, is not an aspirant movie actress or a hotel heiress, but instead actually did work as a nanny for 15 years, so she tends to load her remarks with far more common sense than is normal for Hollywood fare:
"Every child needs discipline, along with a healthy balance of love and affection. Parents have lost the in-between ground -- and kids have lost respect for them."
That sentiment could come straight from the books of Dr. James Dobson, the latest Media Boogeyman of the Religious Right. I can hear the show’s director calling “Get me re-write!”.

As for Scot Lehigh, he complains that poorly behave brats are disturbing his serenity in Borders bookstore or his lunches up in Portland. Poor Scot! Those complaints make me suspect that he might be a D.I.N.K.

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