Tuesday, April 05, 2005

All Canada is reading CQ today

Monday was a record day for blogs.

Captain’s Quarters blog is publishing details online concerning testimony about the breaking “Sponsorship” scandal in Canada. This is material that Canadian media are forbidden by law to report – which until recently was a source of some relief to the Liberal party. But of course the forbidden fruit once published on CQ has a way of slipping back over the Canadian border. Yesterday CQ had just under 400,000 hits as measured by Sitemeter, much of them from our neighbors to the north. I believe that is a 1-day record for hits on any blog.

Here is a graph of CQ’s traffic over the past month, and also a screen-grab of Sitemeter's report. Remember that CQ is normally one of the highest-hit blogs in the US, and then look at the last 2 days. Canadians are certainly hungry for this news!

CQ's daily visits for the last 30 days

Sitemeter for CQ at 11:59PM on 4 April 2005

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