Friday, April 22, 2005

One column-inch

Try to find this story in today's Boston Globe. It is not easy. Below is the whole story (rather, that part of the story reported to Kennedy's constituents by the Boston Globe):
Kennedy kin pleads guilty to bank fraud
NEW ORLEANS -- A prominent political consultant who is Senator Edward M. Kennedy's brother-in-law pleaded guilty yesterday to bank fraud charges. Terms of the plea deal for Raymond Reggie, brother of the Massachusetts Democrat's wife, Victoria, were not known late yesterday. (AP)

Somehow you might never guess from reading the Globe story that this guilty plea is connected to White House sleepovers during the Clinton administration and to possibly fraudulent fund-raising by Senator Clinton. For these eye-catching details about the story, you will have to forsake the Globe and see Power Line here and the NY Sun yesterday and today.

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