Thursday, April 28, 2005

Salem Follies

This headline in today’s Boston Globe made me laugh out loud. Kudos. Count me as one of the folks who are bothered and bewildered by such a crass piece of promotion located in Salem with its unhappy history of witch hysteria.

Of course you don’t have to go back 300 years to find witch hysteria in Massachusetts. Our last witch trial occurred during the 1980s, and the prosecutors are still active in politics, and some still seeking higher office (as Democrats). While Republican Governors can share in the blame because the last 2 Governors lacked the political courage to pardon the Massachusetts witches of the 1980s – the Amiraults – who were accused of crimes every bit as absurd as the unfortunate maidens of Salem in 1692, and spent many years in prison for their wrongful convictions. The last being paroled only recently. This episode is today a far less comfortable topic for conversation than the Salem trials.

Think I am mistaken or exaggerating? Then read Dorothy Rabinowitz here and see how you feel afterwards.

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