Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Need A Morning-after Pill

Certainly if Oliphant is pleased, then W has blundered irrevocably. Ollie writes:
"[Kansas Senator]Brownback and his conservative friends got the back of Bush's hand. Having essentially held their tongues -- and then their noses -- during the hearings on the Roberts nomination, their reward was an even blanker slate for the hole being left on the court by Sandra Day O'Connor."
Correct as unusual, King Tuesday.

And Michelle Malkin's sputtering rage leaves her with an excellent point, though oblivious to the concept of a of sentence:
"A small minority of readers say we should wait and see, trust Bush, and hold out hope that Miers is a stealth candidate. This last line of defense is truly pathetic. We have a Republican House. A Republican Senate. And a Republican White House. Why is it, after working so hard to put a president in power who promised to appoint conservative judges, that we have to settle for crossing our fingers and accepting a blank-slate Supreme Court nominee with an ideological paper bag over her head?"
I cannot believe that any Red State Senator will take a risk in order to confirm Harriet Miers. Will the Democrats step up? Yes, if they know what is good for them (that's a "no"). We could see the reverse of the votes on NAFTA and welfare reform during the Clinton Administration, where the party out of power pushed the cause through Congress (causes which later were cited by the President as his proudest achievements). But I doubt it.

My forecast (and hope) is that W is headed for a well-deserved trip to the woodshed.

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