Thursday, December 01, 2005

Archbishop Menino

Excuse me for being delinquent in getting to Wednesday’s Boston Globe, which had a few items too delicious to ignore. Better late than never.

Best of the day is the Mayor of Boston calling ‘uncharitable’ those Catholics who had declined to attend the Catholic Charities dinner honoring him. Then Hizzonner adds this little gem:
‘When the pope speaks on doctrine, that is absolute," Menino said. ''I don't think choice and gay marriage are doctrine.'
Hmmm. I’ll take that as evidence that this is indeed a religious matter, rather than a civic one. And personally, I’ll give more weight to advice from Archbishop O’Malley than from Archbishop Menino.

Jeff Jacoby’s column looks humorously at the valiant efforts of secularists to De-Christmas the holiday season, focusing his attention on the reflexive secularization of Christmas events (done in service to the higher cause of inclusiveness, of course) by the administration of that same Archbishop Menino. Jeff is on his game for this column:
Sometimes it springs from clanging ignorance, as with the New York City policy that prohibited the display of Christian nativity scenes on public school grounds, while expressly allowing such ''secular holiday symbol decorations" as Jewish menorahs and the Muslim star and crescent.

…this attempt to fade Christmas into a nondenominational winter holiday stems from a twisted notion of courtesy -- from the idea that tolerance and respect for minorities require intolerance and disrespect for the majority.
Finally, the Globe publishes a letter to the editor from Father Joe Hennessey (I sent one in, too) concerning their intrusive editorial on the Catholic Charities kerfuffle. Says Father Joe:
‘[Menino] would be a welcome guest and contributor at the Catholic Charities annual Christmas dinner, but he ought not be the honoree, no more than Justice Antonin Scalia would be the honoree at a NARAL event or George W. Bush at the Globe's holiday brunch.’
Certainly that last one is designated as a ‘holiday’ event. But if they do have a holiday brunch on Morrissey Boulevard instead of an evening party, that sounds like a poor substitute for old time Christmas parties when journalists were reputed to favor large quantities of amber liquids as refreshment.

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