Monday, May 08, 2006

Familiar Ideas Behind 'Russia's Retreat'

Cathy Young's Op Ed column in today's Boston Globe entitled 'Russia's Retreat' says of a new Russian law:
Among other things, the legislation prohibits anonymous donations to independent organizations; at any time, an organization can be required to prove that its fund-raising doesn't come from ''dirty money."
Putin's lawmakers may be getting their ideas from Boston Globe editorials. Advocating for supposed reform of our political activity, this Globe editorial in 2004 quoted the liberal do-gooders at Common Cause who said of McCain-Feingold:
"Its main goal was to keep the most dangerous money away from candidates and parties"
And how to find money for political action that is not dirty or dangerous? The ideologues of the Globe Op Ed page supplied their usual response earlier this year; total government financing:
POLITICAL MONEY is at the heart of the ethical scandals in Washington. Most members of Congress have not been chastened enough by the tawdry performance of their peers to support the one true answer to the problem -- public financing of campaigns -- but many have suggested smaller fixes.
Unlike the, Russians, I hope that Americans may we be spared further such legal 'fixes', large or small.

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