Monday, September 25, 2006

Do as We Say, Not as We Said

Globe Editorial, “Devil in Disguise”, Sept 22, 2006

…if Chávez wins [the Venezuelan election] on Dec. 3, he ought to devote his six-year term to solving the great recurring problem of Venezuela: How a country endowed with such natural wealth can leave almost half its people in utter poverty. Chávez would earn more enduring fame by leading Venezuela out of this resource trap.

Globe Editorial, “Getting Past Oil’s Ideology”, April 28, 2006

Many Venezuelans are far poorer than the Americans who will benefit from the discounted [Venezuelan] oil. A case can be made that Chavez should help his own countrymen first. Americans, however, are major consumers of Venezuelan oil. It's appropriate for Chavez to offer discounts as an informal rebate to the customers who are most affected by high prices.

These two prescriptions seem contradictory and impossible to reconcile as consistent with a single set of first principles. However the September Globe editorial was printed after the recent UN tirade by Venezuelan President Chavez embarrassed congressional Democrats, while the April editorial defended a local (and Chavez-friendly) Democratic Congressman for accepting Venezuelan oil at deep discount as a favor from Chavez.

If one’s sole first principle is: “Defend the Democratic Party at all costs against all enemies; foreign, domestic, and imagined.", then these two statements are quite consistent.

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Chris said...

In the same vein, the 9/28 Boston Globe had an editorial by Dan Payne ('Underdog, Top Dog, Attack Dog.') that described the three candidates as canines. In his 'marvelously biased' piece, Payne had this to say:

"Healey was on her home court (Fox) but seemed dazed and confused by mult headed attacks."

Earth to Payne: Care to define whose 'home court' The Boston Globe is? Of course not. The Boston Globe is not to be confused with any kind of political bias of its own, not at all. And Payne seemingly is so eager to make a winning point that he lumped the local Fox affiliate (Ch. 25) in with the Fox News Network. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. But Payne, the obvious liberal that he is, used the Globe as his willing bully pulpit to trumpet the 'Fox is evil' mantra.

Pluto to Payne: The liberals crying about 'media bias' is like Tiger Woods whining about some kid getting $6/hour at McDonalds. What an idiotic line of reasoning from Liberal Mr. Payne and his fellow whiners.