Friday, September 01, 2006

She's BAAAAAAck!!!

For the second time in less than a year, the Boston Globe Op Ed page treats readers to a lecture on secure retirement purportedly written by Teresa Heinz Kerry. Last October the billionaire Ketchup heiress complained in the Globe about the poor prospects faced by retiring working women. Today, she’s back bemoaning the end of the corporate defined-benefit pension plan. Note how deeply anti-liberty is the core of her argument:

But defined-contribution plans force employees with no financial experience to make critical long-term decisions that may be beyond their skills. At a time when families are forced to stretch paychecks to pay for skyrocketing housing, healthcare, and college costs, defined-contribution plans demand a monthly contribution that some families can't afford.

If these decisions are ‘beyond their skills’ workers are free to find help of their own choosing. Of course TeRAYsuh would prefer that such important decisions be taken out of the hands of individuals and given instead to large companies as dictated by government. What would Thomas Jefferson do? What would the one who wrote 'life liberty and the pursuit of happiness' say about the sentiment expressed above?

Mrs. Heinz Kerry may have a lingering distrust of leaving major decisions in the hands of empowered individuals, due an unhappy experience with such a process in November 2004. Does Teresa also believe it ‘may be beyond our skills’ to elect our own leaders? Finally, do Globe readers really need to read two Op Ed lectures in a single year from this lady about securing our own retirement? Teresa and her spouse both secured their retirement in exactly the same way; they each married a billionaire. Why won’t they give the rest of us a break, then, and actually retire?

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