Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh Beautiful For Heroes Proved...

John Kerry showing he supports the troops today, just like he did in 1971.

Utterly astounding.

This may have been a typically lame Kerry attempt at humor. It is possible that he was poking fun at the President's poor grades at Yale (which in fact were higher than Kerry's own Yale grades according to the Globe). The source of the video is this California TV news clip. The clip does not provide context.

Hat tip: BOTW Today

UPDATE: MSNBC news has this story:
A source close to Kerry tells NBC News that he was trying to make a "tough and honest joke" about Bush and that in the process he omitted two words which changed the intended meaning. Per the source, Kerry meant to say that he can't "overstress the importance of a great education" and that "if you don't study, if you aren't smart, if you're intellectually lazy... You end up getting us stuck in a war in Iraq." Kerry mistakenly dropped the "getting us" from his initial remarks.
Would that our junior Senator posessed enough grace, integrity, and courage to simply say this himself in public. But such expectations are too high for Kerry. Instead he maintains a facade of infallibility (much like W's behavior, isn't it?) and just leaks his excuse to a friendly media source through an aide.


Chris said...

we do NOT need a president that makes a speech on a Monday night and then a hastily-called one the next night to 'explain' what he meant the night before. You only get ONE chance, Mr. Boston Brahmin Blue Blood, and 2004 was it. The state of Massachusetts must LOVE having themselves attached to your 'good' name.

But on behalf of conservatives everywhere, we thank thee for the gift.

fly morgue said...

those 'scripted' remarks thrown together by his taxpayer-paid staff were so transparently false - Sweet Lord in heaven he was nearly President.

Kerry falling off the cliff on this day is so precious coming a couple of days after another Globe air brushing for 2008 replete with Swiftboat dismissal, more perfunctory than ever - Now that Kerry is done, the airbrushing effort is as well - reminiscent of the years after Teddy's 60 minute collapse, we can look forward for years to come of typical Globe treatment for the fallen who have flown too close to the sun - perhaps annual Mother's Day page 1 photos of John pushing Theresa's wheelchair down the beach (with Ted sailing past?)