Thursday, October 19, 2006

Politics Trumps Law, Especially on Beacon Hill

One of Boston’s two major newspapers has run the story that Deval Patrick’s brother-in-law is required to register in Massachusetts as a convicted sex offender, but has not registered. Surprise! The paper that ran this story was not the Boston Globe, which will not sink to this level of political demagoguery (against Democrats, that is. Note today’s page 1 above-the-fold placement of a story about Mitt Romney’s campaign coordinating its planning efforts with – horrors! – Mormon organizations).

In a column entitled 'Politics Trumps Law', Joan Vennochi, assuming that the leak to that other paper was coordinated by the Healy campaign asks rhetorically:

Do we really want a governor who hails from an administration capable of trampling the law?

Joan’s logic is fine, but her assumption of a calculated dirty trick is unproven.

However the Democratic-dominated Massachusetts legislature has proven its willingness to trample not only law but the Constitutional processes of the Commonwealth. Why? To enhance the probablility of their own re-election this November, which would be threatened by a Constitutionally required vote on the gay marriage voter initiative. Through the intrigue of the Democratic legislators, voters will have to wait until after the November elections to see whether this flouting of the Constitution will continue.

So explain again, Joan, which party shows greater respect for the law?

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