Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pyongyang’s Bomb? It’s All Bush’s Fault

A typical Globe Editorial today entitled “The North Korean test” astoundingly spends not a single word criticizing Kim Jong Il or the hellish parody of a nation state that is his Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). Rather, all the Globe’s editorial ink is spent criticizing the Bush administration (surprise!) for its unwillingness to negotiate bilaterally with the DPRK regime. A quote:

“Acting on the unrealistic assumption that he need not and should not stoop to bargaining with ‘evil’ regimes such as those in Pyongyang and Tehran, Bush has allowed hard-liners in his administration repeatedly to prevent or sabotage genuine negotiations with the North.”

Two points worth noting here. First the quotes around the word evil. I guess it’s all relative, in the Globe’s view. Yet if there is a single regime today that epitomizes that word, then Kim Jong Il’s is it. No quotes are necessary. They only reflect poorly on the writer.

Second, it’s worth noting that the previous administration tried "genuine negotiations" with the DPRK, and even signed an agreement with them, which was ignored by one party and came to naught. No mention of that here. Is that also Bush’s fault?

The Globe editorialist have a knack for blaming the victim in some cases, most notably when they tongue-lashed Putin for the terrorist slaughter of schoolchildren at Beslan. And of course as Harvey Mansifeld says, there is no point in talking to someone who is only going to slit your throat. But the cozy liberals in the Globe Op Ed world apparently believe that no such people exist.

There are thousands of slave laborers today (and millions of the dead) in North Korea who cannot inform them otherwise because their voices and stories cannot penetrate the obtuseness of the fantasy world cloistered on Morrissey Boulevard.

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Chris said...

I guess I am astounded that you are astounded! This is The Boston Globe...a newspaper that works tirelessly to trace all things bad, back to Bush. The massive numbers of people who no longer read or subscribe to The Globe represent the smart ones. Those left are the bleeding Liberals...the choir that The Globe preaches to.