Saturday, December 02, 2006

Have Illegal Immigrants Toiled for Deval Patrick?

Deval Patrick emerged here to pick up his Boston Globe newspaper,
delivered to his door by a firm that uses suspected illegal immigrants

Squaring the Boston Globe has learned that Massachusetts Governor-elect Deval Patrick has taken delivery of his morning newspaper from suspected illegal immigrants. Patrick, an early riser and Boston Globe subscriber, has possibly also waved and said “Gracias” to his Boston Globe carrier when picking up his paper at 5:30AM in the driveway of his Milton home. Patrick may also have tipped his carrier directly with cash or through a tipping program for newspaper carriers administered by the Boston Globe.

Deval Patrick’s Boston Globe newspaper is delivered to his million dollar home by Publishers Circulation Fulfillment (PCF). PCF has provided distribution services for the Boston Globe since 2001, and provides similar services for the New York Times. Hundreds of Boston area immigrant laborers work with PCF. They obtain batches of Boston Globe newspapers at several distribution centers every day around 3:30AM and deliver them via prescribed routes to Boston Globe subscribers in the greater Boston area, including Deval Patrick. The vast majority of PCF's Boston Globe carriers are immigrants. Their legal status is unknown.

PCF officially maintains that these carriers are not actually employees, but instead serve as independent contractors. If so, PCF would not be required by law to verify legal immigration status of the Boston Globe carriers. A recent want ad published by PCF seeking such “independent contractors” does not state any requirement for immigration status. According to a phone message at PCF offices (1-800-537-5354) all that is required is that contractors:

“must be at least 18 years of age with a valid drivers license and a dependable vehicle”

Squaring the Boston Globe called the PCF job line only to hear a recording ask:

“If your prefer English press 1,
if you prefer Spanish, press 2,
if you prefer Portuguese press 3”

Neither PCF nor the Boston Globe could be reached for comment, but in Friday’s Boston Globe another supplier of illegal immigrant labor is quoted as saying that a customer “doesn't have to ask” whether his contractors are legal immigrants because “I'm a company”. Jerry Giordana, the president of PCF has assured the Boston Globe that “It’s your paper. Your subscribers. And our promise to deliver.”

The story of Deval Patrick’s possible encounter with illegal immigrants is part of a recent newspaper reporting trend. The issue of illegal immigrant laborers has been tricky and sometimes damaging to political figures. Last Friday, the Boston Globe disclosed that a firm named Community Lawn Service with a Heart had used at least 4 illegal immigrants to provide grounds keeping services at the Belmont home of outgoing Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Sadly, today nobody knows the legal status of the hundreds of immigrants who deliver the Boston Globe. However Squaring the Boston Globe is certain that the dedicated professionals in the Boston Globe newsroom, who are now alerted to this situation, will investigate the legal status of these newspaper carriers with the same zeal and determination that they showed in the case of Romney’s “contracted” illegal immigrants. When they have completed their usual thorough job of investigative journalism, the public will know for certain whether Deval Patrick has taken his copy of the Boston Globe from the hand of an illegal immigrant.

Full Disclosure: PCF has also delivered newspapers to Squaring the Boston Globe. All the Globe carriers who have served Squaring the Boston Globe have been immigrants. Squaring the Boston Globe does not know the legal status of the Globe carriers who have served us. Our carrier left recently to return to his home in Latin America. Unlike the Boston Globe, Squaring the Boston Globe does not have the lavish resources to fly ourselves to Latin America for a single interview to determine if our Globe carrier was in this country legally or not.


Chris said...

Idiot hypocrite Liberals. They wail about the injustice of tax breaks for the 'rich.' Imagine what Deval's home would look like if he were among the 'evil rich.' Probably 900 windows instead of 875.

Ben said...

Apparently, the Governor's people pointed out the analogy to the Globe's newspaper delivery system, but they refused to print it.

Here's the relevant portion of a news release put out yesterday by the Mass GOP Chairman raising this very point, as well as the fact that the Globe refuses to note that that Romney has supported an employer verification system that would get to the root of what's at issue:

"For two consecutive days, the Boston Globe has refused to include statements from Governor Romney’s spokesman in its articles concerning a Massachusetts company hired by the Governor. Notably omitted is the fact that the Governor has supported an employer verification system that would allow companies to determine the legal status of their workers.

While refusing to run the statement by the Governor's spokesman, Eric Fehrnstrom, the Globe did see fit to run statements criticizing Governor Romney from the Democratic National Committee and the Massachusetts Immigrant Advocacy Coalition, both of which attack the Governor for not offering solutions. Clearly a statement from the Governor's spokesman that highlights the particularly relevant solution in this matter -- employer verification -- should have been included in the story, if there was any interest in fairness and balance.

The Globe reporters also refused to include in their Friday article a response from Fehrnstrom that noted that the standard the Globe applied to Governor Romney would mean that every Globe subscriber would be responsible for confirming that the person delivering his or her Globe was permitted to work in the United States."

Maybe Globe motto should be, "All the news that's fit to suppress."

Marlene said...

honestly u guys have noting else to do?????, so if the immigrant delivered the paper, he's try to work and provide for the family he's not stealing nothing...