Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Patrick Ponies Up

In a reversal, Deval Patrick announced this evening that he will pay the difference between the lease expense for his new Cadillac and the old Ford Crown Vic that Mitt Romney used as an official car. Patrick will also pay the Commonwealth $27,000 for new office furnishings.

New office furnishings? Hmmm. A cynic might suspect that this payment represents a preemptive strike by Deval against a pending story in the Boston Herald. The Globe, on the other hand, seems suddenly very tame toward the Governor’s office and instead directs its venom at a particular Republican presidential candidate. (CORRECTION: Tuesday's cynicism about Patrick's motive proved correct, but not my cynicism about the Globe. On Wednesday the redecorating story emerged, but it was the Globe with the story on Patrick's new $10,000 drapes for the Governor's office. Well done.)

The Boston Globe quotes Deval concerning his DeVille:

“There are tough [budget] choices to make. I realize I cannot in good conscience ask the agencies to make those choices without being willing to make them myself.”

That’s a DUH, sir. As Squaring the Globe noted 4 weeks ago, this behavior is called ‘leadership’.

Your good conscience be damned, sir! Without some act of contrition your personal spending choices would leave you with no credibility among the executive branch, not to mention among the folks who don’t work for you (or even root for you) over on Beacon Hill.

Better to learn leadership now, Deval, than not at all. BTW, please forget anything you learned about personal choices from your mentor, Bill Clinton. Those lessons won’t help you either.

Deval can at least be relieved that the only broadsheet newspaper in Boston is entirely in the tank for him – so far in the tank that they never questioned Patrick’s predicate-challenged campaign slogan.

Deval doesn’t face the biased coverage caused by the deep loathing the Globe newsroom still feels for his predecessor. At least this man of the people need not worry about bogus Globe front page exposés sourced from interviews with the groundskeepers at his 2 multi-million dollar Massachusetts homes.


Ramon Amore d'Hombre said...

I am beginning to think that your "squaring" of the globe has essentially just turned into whining when they fail to mudsling at people you dislike and trash people you like.

Romney has conveniently switched positions on abortion and gun-control and was earlier grandstanding on illegal immigration. These political maneuvers elicited praise from you for their deftness in the "Not Deep enough to Wet Your Shoes" post. But honestly I can get a good idea of what your sentiments would be if they were done by a Democrat. You should see video of Romney during his gubernatorial and senate campaigns as he vomits all over himself trying to show how pro-choice he is to Mass. voters. Now, in timely fashion, as he is trying to appeal to the most conservative voters in the country he is pro-life. The man is pathetic. Yet you trash Deval based on speculations about who the Globe didn't report cuts his lawn, or some such indecipherable non-sense, and the preceding nonsense about a car or something which was to tedious to keep my attention. All of Romney's weaslely moves are overlooked but Deval gets savaged for this crap. You really should try to make some kind of effort to differentiate yourself from a Republican mouth piece. The depth of your argument is belied by the irrelevant re-visitation of conservative demons like Bill Clinton and for some reason a grammatically incorrect Patrick campaign slogan. Gotta stay on topic man.

John said...

I'm certainly not a Romney fan, as I see him as a Republican John Kerry (he voted for all things before he voted against them...or is it the other way around?). But the Globe is absolutely guilty of using two entirely different standards when publishing about the current and former governor. Deval has backtracked on almost everyone of his pre-election promises-property tax relief (although how he would have achieved this he never explained), 1,000 new police officers on the street, massive amounts of savings to be found in the budget, etc., etc. Now, while he sets the stage for either tax hikes or budget cuts to close a $1 billion shortfall, he just happens to wind up in either a state helicopter to attend the critical swearing-in of a fellow democrat as state auditor, or tooling around the state in a car that has enough "giddy up", and coincidentally costs twice as much as his predecessor's vehicle. There's no mudslinging here, Ramon, this is just another example of the liberal "rules of the road"-one set of rules for the common folks, a totally different set for the beautiful people. And the beautiful people elected to office are stylin' on the tax revenues generated by the common folks-that's "fairness in the tax code". Come on Deval, and Ramon, there is significant symbolism in the "state police mandated" Cadillac while the rest of us prepare for business as usual in the Peoples' Republic of Massachusetts-continued high taxes, continued lame explanations from the democrat party pr machine over on Morrissey Boulevard.

Chris said...


Amaríamos ver a su amigo de los papeles de la inmigración

We would love to see your immigration papers friend

Ramon Amore d'Hombre said...

27,000 is 1/962962th of the Ma state budget. That's the difference between Deval's car and Romney's car. Which Deval paid anyway along with the furnishings for 10,000. So even if Deval hadn't made up the difference himself you would sacrifice one dollar out of every 962,962 that you paid in taxes, to pay for the extra expense of his car.

So Deval is being trashed for spending his own money to have a nicer car which may possibly, somehow, in some way, and kinda might be a pre-emptive move to silence criticism about his personal expenses, which you criticized him for anyway. Despite the fact that he is picking up the tab personally.

In what world is this thought of as significant criticism and the Globe story on Romney's illegal immigrants is disgusting, horrible, petty, and vindictive. It may be but no more than this post. Come on, this is the definition of irrelevant.


John said...

No, I'm sorry you may have missed the point. This is a symbolic issue. Deval all along claimed to be different somehow, that he could find a different way, that he could dispel cynicism with the help of a new majority of voters that rejected the ways of the past. Yet right from the get go, he reverts to stereotypes...all the trappings of office in the most high style...a helicopter ride to a purely political event, the most expensive vehicle, reimbursements for furniture ( a pre-emptive strike, evidently, as no one has highlighted the furniture issue as of today, as far as I know)...all in the midst of a "budget crisis". And if these expenses were not highly publicized, is it safe to assume Deval would have continued in the same vein?
I agree totally, in the context of a $25 billion budget, this is small potatoes...not even small...less than miniscule...but after his campaign, which was awash in symbolic gestures, expectations were set that this would be a "different" administration. And the reason this is important is because Barack Obama is running on a very similar set of themes...different type of politics, change from the past, remove the divisive elements from our politics, etc. A new type of democrat?

"Meet the new boss, he's the same as the old boss"

Chris said...

LOL @ '...love to see your immigration papers.' Touche!

Deval is the poster child for 'one-and-done.' In the span of ONE MONTH this ode to Liberalism has found many new ways to suggest that his minions pay attention only to what he says, not to what he does.

Thanks to the Internet and blogs like these, The Globe's fawning all over Deeee-vahhhl is nicely equalized. Since the Globe is mere steps from being jettisoned to the Land of Misfit Toys by the NYT (which itself will cease to publish a printed version in five or fewer years), readership of the rag has happily flat-lined.

Thank you, Al Gore, for inventing the Internet. Happily, you've made life miserable for the mainstream media.