Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today's Globe Op Eds

In today’s Boston Globe Op Ed columns, Jeff Jacoby notes official and media reticence to report the religion (and the religious motivation) of the recent British physician-bombers in “Avoiding the M-word”.

Yvonne Abraham debuted as an Op Ed columnist in last Sunday’s Globe with a column entitled “You can bet on this” mocking the concept of casino gambling as the fiscal savior from Massachusetts government spending constraints. Today in “Deval's false promise” she notes a whiff of hypocrisy in the Governor’s office:

So right now, there's not a lot of difference between Romney deputizing a couple of dozen troopers to arrest people for immigration violations in the course of their normal duties and the situation that exists under Patrick, in which troopers are taking part in federal operations or turning over to the feds illegal immigrants encountered during traffic stops. Except that Patrick's approach seems more haphazard, with troopers in every corner of the state apparently left to do their own thing. All of which makes his January reversal look a lot like grandstanding, too.

This Miss Yvonne is off to an OK start in the wacky Pee-Wee’s Playhouse on Morrissey Boulevard.

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