Friday, August 24, 2007

The Globe in Pinstripes?

The newer, whiter, Globe website design

As of today the Boston Globe website (and have taken on a new more paper-like look. The NY Times website also made very similar design changes recently. I like it, but can "Globe Select" be far behind?

Imagine charging people to read James Carroll's Bush-obsessed rants. Bet they will try it.

UPDATE: I thought it was a feature, but it must have been a bug. A day later the Globe website is back to blue.


Chris said...

Some Liberal Einstein at the Globe was obviously able to convince someone wearing a bow-tie that making the web site 'whiter' would save ink, and lower costs.

flymorgue2 said...

Oh no! the much anticipated 'underwear' screed may fall behind the Select wall!

Hasn't *Select* just made Dowd irrelevant? She was 'fisked' weekly everywhere before she became the price of a cocktail per week. Should be good place for the former seminarian.

Harry said...

A former priest, flymorgue. He was something of a celebrity priest in Boston during the early 1970s.

If the Globe would omit the Op Ed page from the print edition as well as the online edition, I might renew my subscription...we could always use the coupons.

If farmers are paid not to grow crops, why shouldn't the Globe realize a return for not publishing its dreadful Op Ed page?

Sorry, I'm fantasizing.