Monday, August 20, 2007

Kumbaya! Left and Right Together!

The hauteur of the editorialists at the Boston Globe is doing a fine job of infuriating the far left of the blogosphere. It isn’t just right-wing knuckle dragging blogs like this one that are disgusted with the arrogance shown by the Boston Globe editorial cloister. No doubt the self-satisfied souls on Morrissey Boulevard will say that fact indicates “balance” rather simply arrogance. Wrong.

Here are 2 examples from just today:

First, Susan Madrak at Huffington Post, responding to a Globe editorial critical of bloggers in the Democratic ‘Netroots’:

Oh really, Boston Globe? You mean the way establishment commentators are given well-paying speaking engagements in front of special interest groups they cover all the time -- but insist they're still "journalists"? [ Here is an example of what Susan is talking about - Ed.] I don't recall your fine publication writing about that, even once. (Or, come to think of it, neither does your parent company, The New York Times.)…for you to hand down these pronouncements from on high shows your fundamental misunderstanding of what it is we do: We are advocates. We're also journalists. And it's all out in the open, critiqued on a regular basis by our own community. We're activists, you see. And we're quite transparent about it. Unlike the people who work for almost every major media organization who seem so inclined to, shall we say, shape the news they write. So since you don't seem to understand what we do, or how we do it, why don't you just worry about cleaning up your own profession, and we'll take care of ours?

This blog as also suggested that the Boston Globe should “Please Mind Your Own Crumbling Business”. Whadaya know. A point of agreement across the political spectrum.

Second is Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake, whose questions to Globe columnist Ellen Goodman were put off (as were those of right-wing blogess Michelle Malkin, who was treated to the same arrogant response). Jane writes:

I’d have my ass summarily handed to me in a bold and public fashion if I tried to fob off statistics with some obvious flaws that I based my entire thesis upon and then refused to produce them when asked.

But Jane, you are just an uppity blogger, not a columnist for (genuflect, please!) the Boston Globe.

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