Friday, September 21, 2007

Casino Deval Part 5: "Billy Galvin Also Makes Headlines"

“Some” makes another appearance on a front page headline in the Boston Globe. As usual, the story under the headline is a stretch. This story should have been labeled “Billy Galvin Can Also Make Headlines".

Secretary of State Billy Galvin must be getting envious of state Treasurer Timmy Cahill grabbing all the recent headlines and publicity on gambling. This story is really about state pols elbowing each other for the media limelight. It is about as important as a playground fight at parochial school, which it resembles.

The Globe headline intones ominously that “Some may have violated Mass. Law”. What exactly is the alleged violation of law? Some of these lobbyists had not informed Billy Galvin’s office that they were lobbying, or that they were lobbying about gambling. The Globe reports:

Anyone who lobbies for a fee, or hires a lobbyist, must sign up with the state, he said, and each client or area of interest must be listed separately when the lobbyist registers.

Yesterday Billy’s office sent out 29 letters saying "tut-tut" to those who had supposedly violated lobbying laws. To be fair, of course, Billy included the Massachusetts Catholic conference and the Samaritans of Greater Boston in his mailing. They hadn’t told Billy’s office that they were lobbying about gambling. Shocking.

Our pols may have caught gambling fever, but they are forever vigilant about the evils of lobbying.

Count on it.

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Gwan said...

Thanks Harry, I have been to all those places, bar witnessing the "Iron harvest" and enjoyed them all the first time, but sadly my job means it's now the umpteenth time in a few months and starting to drag. You're right though, Newfie park is amazing - and I've only been there once.

And "The First Circle" rocks, good taste!