Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dems Warm To Hillary, a little, some, kind of, maybe. Nevermind.

Usually this blog posts on only one Boston Globe article per day, but Tuesday’s Globe had a second article that is a real beauty and deserves mention.

Appearing on page 1 and headlined “Many warming unexpectedly to Clinton”, this little attempt at a puff piece by Globe reporter Sasha Issenberg is hysterical because the headline, text, and quotes are saturated with awkwardly faint praise for Hillary from people who are obviously stalwart Democrats and many who are outright supporters. Here is the beginning:

Don Schwartz, who describes himself as "a super-Deaniac progressive type," decided to back Hillary Clinton - whose centrist views, he concedes, do not necessarily match his own - for a simple reason. He wanted, finally, to be with a winner.

Great plan! That’s why John Kerry is president instead of Howard Dean.

"I was actually surprised how many people said they were for Hillary," Schwartz said. "Now, they're getting to know her, and they're starting to like her. She is a nice person!"


"I actually like her more than I thought I would," Martha LaFlanne, 49, the vice president of student affairs at New Hampshire Community Technical College in Berlin

Thank you. Next, please.

"Barack is a remarkable speaker, Hillary is a good speaker," said Paul Begala

Hillary will surely punish you for saying that, Begala. No truthing to the media!

"She seems more human," Anna Chen, a 20-year-old Harvard junior from San Diego, said after a debate last week in Hanover. "Her laugh has gotten a lot better. Did you notice that tonight?"

Right! She does seem more human. More than any time in the past 15 years!

"I don't think people will say they don't have mixed feelings," said Billy Shaheen, cochairman of Clinton's campaign in New Hampshire.

Say that again, please, Billy. I need to start my parser.

In trying to decide what they think of Clinton today, voters find themselves wrestling with what they thought of her yesterday, and whether it was they or she who changed in the interim, specialists said.

Thank God for specialists!

…the new impressions voters receive of Clinton are more likely to fit into the old frameworks they have for considering her, according to [Emory professor Westen], including the idea that even her charm may be calculated.

Calculated? In my mental calculus the words “charm” and “Hillary Clinton” make an awkward pairing, almost like “honesty” and “Bill Clinton”.

Voters are often left assessing less what they think of Clinton than judging the gap between those feelings and what they believe is expected of them.

Sasha, please check your editor for signs of life. He must have died before giving a pass to that line.

"I don't think I feel I have to like her personally, said Diane McGonagle, 56, who walked from her home in Concord last week to see Obama address a rally in a public park. "I don't see why warmth is an issue."

There you have it folks. These Democrats are just mad about Hillary. Even the Globe says so. And if they are only slightly charmed, or very slightly charmed, or finding her at least more human than before, then maybe warmth just isn’t an issue.

As my children say, “LOL”.

Then the Globe keeps digging and asks its readers to respond online to the question “Have you warmed to Hillary?”

The first 4 to answer said:

Posted by bceagle90 on 8:05 AM

I've warmed to Hillary like a Red Sox fan warms to Bucky Dent....

Message #20306.3 in response to #20306.1

Posted by stampman on 8:08 AM

I really want to vote democratic this time but, not if it means voting for her!

Message #20306.4 in response to #20306.1

Posted by 1bostonian on 8:08 AM

I have never seen any one as cold and calculating as Hillary Clinton (or is it Hillary Rodham Clinton). She is just a product of one focus group after another telling her what she shouldn't or shouldn't say. I am not against having a women President, but if she gets the Democratic nomination, you may as well give the Presidency to the Republicans for the next 8 years.

Message #20306.5 in response to #20306.4

Posted by CorkyMuldoon on 8:14 AM

If this woman told me it was raining, I'd have to call the dog in to see if it's wet.
You know she's lying when her lips are moving.
I fear for our great republic if this woman gets elected...

Blue State Globe readers, tell us how you really feel! All the responses begin here.


flymorgue2 said...

"Her laugh has gotten a lot better. Did you notice that tonight?"

I see a trend.

(BTW great thanks for reading this - I could barely finish reading the headline without a hearty 'Hi-ho Silver' as I galloped off to the next article - it was as execrable as Silver and I expected).

George W. Potts said...

Do you think that, if Hllary gets elected, she will bring the furniture back to the White House? (And, one way or another, the Globe will report on it?)

Chris said...

This piece is priceless, and a spot-on reflection of The Globe and of 'Ms. Pants Suit.' The comments make it clear how massively biased and out-of-touch this Titanic of journalism has become.