Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Boston Globe Catching Up on Tavares Story

The Boston Globe newsroom is beginning to catch up to the Herald in reporting the Daniel Tavares case, but they aren't caught up yet.

Yesterday the Globe published the transcript of the hearing that resulted in Tavares’ release without bail. A valuable public service. Well done.

A column by Scott Lehigh quotes former Mass Attorney General Tom Reilly:

"I got notified [sic] by the State Police several months ago that Tavares had been released from prison and that he had threatened to kill me and Romney, and that he had my home address," Reilly told me. "The State Police sent me his photograph in case either I or my family saw him."

Mitt Romney's story is supported by a Democrat! Lehigh asks:

HAS EVERYONE on Beacon Hill fallen fast asleep?...we need something else that's been lacking: a real sense of urgency.

Tell the Globe newsroom, Scott.

Today’s Tavares story by Shelley Murphy and Megan Woolhouse is here:

Finally the Globe editorial page wrings its hands over the matter today:

A JUDGE'S decision to release Daniel Tavares from the Massachusetts prison system shouldn't be fodder for cheap shots among Republican presidential candidates, but it does point to systemic problems in a fragmented criminal justice system.

Problems indeed!

These problems are so serious that Massachusetts deserves its role as the state most reliably serving up “fodder for cheap shots among Republican presidential candidates”. How could they resist? It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. If the Globe wants them to stop making fun of the state, then Massachusetts should modify its behavior so that we no longer deserve the treatment.

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