Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Headline Half-Truth

The text of an AP story today begins like this:

NAHAL OZ, Israel - Militants from the Gaza Strip slipped across the border and opened fire at a fuel depot in southern Israel yesterday, killing two Israeli civilians in a brazen daylight raid that threatened to set off heavy combat after a monthlong [sic] lull.

The Israeli government held Gaza's Hamas rulers responsible for the attack and sent tanks, troops, and aircraft into the Palestinian territory. At least nine Palestinians died during the day, including two at the depot and seven in Gaza.

Many newspapers ran this AP story today. Here are some examples of headlines they used.

The Guardian:
Gaza Gunmen Kill 2 in Southern Israel

San Diego Union-Tribune:
Palestinian militants from Gaza kill 2 Israelis in border attack

San Jose Mercury News:
Attack on Israeli fuel depot breaks calm, threatens talks

Houston Chronicle:
Palestinians kill 2 Israelis in attack on Gaza fuel depot

But our local broadsheet runs the story under their own unique headline.

The Boston Globe:
Border clashes kill Israelis, Palestinians

But remember there is no bias at the Globe, folks. No agenda journalism. These are professional journalists at work. Nothing to see here. Move along now.


Solomon said...

Hey man, it's just more of the "cycle of violence." No need to now more, no need to tell anyone more...

Of course, this terminal is the place where all the gas for the Gaza Strip comes through, so the Palestinians have once again not only murdered, but hurt themselves in the process.

Expect headline in Boston Globe blaming Israel for Gaza gas shortages in t-minus 5...4...3...2...

Harry said...

I'll be watching for it, Marty.