Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Globe columnist Alex Beam today describes the state of Earth Day as an event that was once historic has become farce.

You know the slick green tide is coming in each year when Vanity Fair publishes its Armani-scented "green" issue, which celebrates the eco-worthiness of such regular guys as Leonard DiCaprio and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Last year, you may remember, Leo was posing on an ice floe with a cute little polar bear photoshopped in for the occasion. Leo has since moved off the glacier into an eco-friendly New York luxury apartment, boasting low-emissions paint and, of course, solar panels.

Sorry, Alex, but I believe the level of committment expressed at the original 1969 Earth Day was equally shallow.

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flymorgue2 said...

Can you imagine that Krakatoa in one month spilled more garbage into the atmosphere than man has ever (start counting from caveman fire to the present Beijing coal stove smog) and Leonardo has low emission paint. How precious he is - I want to dismiss him, but damn he was good in The Departed!