Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Is this Globe Story Running A Day Late?

I understand why the Globe did not run this story yesterday.

Just below I wrote about six mainly silly tidbits from today’s Globe, but forgot the silliest of all, the Globe cover story. Today it is of colleges reaching the “Final Frontier” in equality and becoming gender blind in their housing assignments. Some college men and women can now choose to be assigned as roommates, and we are supposed to believe that most of those who do are “just friends”.

What do you call the situation where men and women are living together for long periods without having sex? If they are in college it is called gender neutral housing. Otherwise it’s called marriage.

We learn that gender neutral housing offers escape from an oppressive gender binary. Then again, so does death.

And one wonders how if it is such a good thing for colleges to be gender blind, why is it such a bad thing for them to be race blind?

Finally, I can't help bet feel slightly sad for the young woman in the page one photo, because the Globe story reveals that her male roommate’s girlfriend has no misgivings that he is living with her. I don’t claim to understand women, but I believe many women would find that insulting.

Here are a few delightful sips from this superb Globe howler:

"It's a new world, and gender has taken on all kinds of new definitions. It's about being more inclusive, and it's about keeping pace with the times."…

"Among Millennial students, whether it's race, gender, or nationality, the borders are coming down," said James Baumann of the Association of College and University Housing Officers. "The lines just aren't there anymore."…

Students say that although administrators and parents may perceive gender-blind housing as essentially sanctioning sex, the vast majority of mixed-gender roommates are platonic. Their living situations are about mutual compatibility, not romance, they say….

The campaign contends that traditional rooming policies wrongly assume that men and women cannot live together non-sexually and "needlessly reinforce an oppressive gender binary."…

At Clark, sophomore Jason Carmignani, has shared a bedroom with a close female friend, Yael Bassal, since December in a six-person suite. The pair is not romantic, and Carmignani said his girlfriend has no misgivings about his living with a woman….


Monkeesfan said...

Platonic my foot. The Globe is lying to itself as well as its readers

flymorgue2 said...

From a metaphysical standpoint, it destroys the mystery of romance, but from a more mundane perspective, it is, as you say, it is completely insulting to the girl that she could so unattractive as to be reliably unappealing (night after night) to a 20 year old testosteone-filled male. Sad either way.

Coital considerations aside, who cleans the bathroom? My roommates senior year and I did not clean the thing once - no female could have survived that ordeal.develo