Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One More Reason to Distrust the Media

“Leave me alone. Do you know who the f--k I am? I’ll have a news crew down here in minutes and you will lose your f---ing jobs, f-------s. I’m a bigshot in Boston and I’ll have your f---ing jobs. You think your[sic] a f---ing tough guy, you just watch and see what the f--k happens to you when I get the f--k out of here.”

According to a Massachusetts State Police report (documents linked by the Globe here and here, with a story here) these are the words of Randi Goldklank, the general manager of WHDH (Boston’s TV channel 7) when confronted by State Police before being arrested at Boston Logan Airport Monday evening.

I find the media arrogance displayed here far more appalling than the vulgarities.

One can blame alcohol for these remarks, but I don’t think alcohol comes close to excusing them. I doubt the arrogance they expose disappears entirely when Boston Channel 7’s Bigshot GM returns to sobriety. Of course (we will doubtless be assured) this case is an aberration within mainstream media and journalism. Very atypical. Most media people don’t think like this.

Yes, there is a difference. Most media people are not the boss. Some are surely of better character.

The Boston Globe featured a quite complementary profile of Goldklank last September. Snippet:

"Television has such an impact on people and the information they get," Goldklank says. "It's a public service, but it's also exciting. I wanted to be a part of that."

Refer to the rant quoted above for an elaboration of Goldklank’s concept of “public service”.

WHDH placed Goldklank on administrative leave Tuesday.

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Philip said...

Mean when she's drunk and cunning when she's sober.

Gary said...

We probably won't have Randi to kick around much longer. I imagine champagne corks will pop (discretely) on Bulfinch Place when she's gone.

Chris said...

True enough. The absolute humiliation this woman is being put through was not only self-imposed, but richly deserved. The media is, in many respects, no less a 'dangerous weapon' than a knife or a gun. For Randi to 'pull out her gun' on Sunday and wave it menacingly represented a caricature for what the media has become. For decades, TV station personnel have battled stereotypes against them ("Oh...we're not LIKE that"). But in one fell swoop, Randi basically admitted, "Oh, yes we are!"

Randy Wilharm said...

Like Phoenix, risen from the ashes!