Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Other L-Word: Lewinsky

Joan Vennochi broaches the subject in her Globe column today, and does well with it except that Joan seems to believe that Hillary was still deceived by Bill after the scandal broke (as Hillary said in her biography).

I doubt it. Most everybody suspected Bill was lying. What was astounding was the brazenness of his (or their) lie.

And then there’s this snippet from Joan:

Monica Lewinsky was destined to come up in 2008, and Chelsea Clinton was the obvious avenue of inquiry.

Stupid me. I would have thought the obvious avenue of inquiry would be for someone in the press to discover their cojones and ask Hillary (in the words of Senator Sam Ervin) what did she know and when did she know it?

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Chris said...

Bill is too busy getting red-faced while screaming at Super delegates and Hillary is too busy trying to recover from her Bosnia 'Ooops!' And they're both too busy screaming at Bill Richardson for choosing Obama over the 'inevitable' Hillary. So that's why their 'child' Chelsea is thrust into the fray. She can't morph from 'child' to 'active campaigner' at her choosing.