Thursday, April 17, 2008

Patronage Uber Alles

I skipped the 21st Democratic presidential debate, but from reading the reviews it sounds like the program lifted the spirits of Republicans. Peter Canellos writes in the Globe:

The first half of last night's debate in the august National Constitution Center in Philadelphia was a tawdry affair, as ABC news questioners called on Obama and Clinton to address a year's worth of dirty laundry, and each combatant eagerly grabbed at the chance to besmirch their rival a little more.

And Joan Vennochi today writes of Democratic women voters frustrated with the exclusion of the Florida and Michigan delegations, who aren’t getting any help from the local pols:

Kennedy, Kerry, and Patrick are mistaken if they believe all their female supporters can be counted on to stay there.

Joan, where they gonna go?

The Democratic party apparatus holds our state government in a vice. That’s why we have such open, uplifting, and lively debate in our legislature. There is no creditable opposition. These ladies are merely discovering the downside of a one-party state. It is patronage uber alles, and alles includes the electorate.

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flymorgue2 said...

I listed to 6 minutes of the debate on my ride home (that's the whole commute - read that and weep all you public transportation riders in Boston) and heard Hillary say the following:

"on a few occasions I was not as accurate as I have been in the past"

read it here . Great way to say I lied repeatedly.