Tuesday, April 15, 2008

That one is out of the park

Roger Kimball:
I rankled at the description of Obama’s bitter-small-town-guns-and-God comment as elitist. It was smug; it was self-righteous; it was blinkered, bigoted, emotionally impoverished, and otherwise odious; it but it was not in any normal sense of the word “elitist.” I do not live in Pennsylvania. But I do live in a small(ish) town; I think the Second Amendment is a vital prophylactic against the untoward prerogatives of state power; and I’d sooner “cling” to religion than the hectoring, welfare-state, just-let-us-tell-you-how-to-live-your-life directives dispensed by Michelle and Barrack Obama. But what bothers me about such directives is not their elitism but their arrogance.

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Chris said...

Well, if we hear reports of Obama walking into a sporting goods store in Pennsylvania wrapped like a plaid sausage and saying, 'Ken I get me uh huntin' license here?' we'll know just how 'elite' he is. Quite frankly, I don't care a bit that a Globie is 'rankled' by the term 'elitist.' It's a good, accurate word, and I like the sound of it. Elitist. ELITIST. eeee-leeee-tist.