Friday, April 04, 2008

Un-Plain Speaking in Today's Boston Globe

Today’s lead Globe story begins with a dishonest choice of words under the headline “Democrats shift strategy on Iraq debate”:

Lacking the votes to end the war, Democratic leaders said yesterday they will try to make the US troop surge in Iraq "irrelevant" by shifting the war debate away from the impact of the recent US offensive and instead make the case that the price paid in lives, treasure, and military readiness was not worth it.

For the word “impact” above, substitute the word “success”. It is more accurate but apparently unpalatable to the Globe newsroom and, sadly, to Democratic party leaders.

On the local front, Deval Patrick’s $1.35M book deal will be giving gifts to his opponents for months or years to come. From today’s Globe:

The 65-page pitch letter that led to his $1.35 million…details a strategy to sell at least 150,000 copies through a "vigorous media campaign," a nationwide book-signing tour, multiple speaking engagements, and efforts to persuade big corporations to buy the book by the carton, activities that promise to pull Patrick away from Massachusetts and the State House during the last year of his term.

Scott Lehigh:

During his rocky early months, Patrick's blunders - the Cadillac, the drapes, the in-hopelessly-over-their-heads top staffers, the phone call to Citigroup on behalf of ACC Capital Holdings, the parent company of Ameriquest - were attributed to inexperience. I've since come to suspect that a certain self-absorption makes the governor dismissive of political niceties and disdainful of his critics.

A certain self-absorption, Scott? Speak plainly! The appropriate word is arrogance.


flymorgue2 said...

"certain" is the most precious wiggle word in the lexicon of BS.

"persuade big corporations to buy the book by the carton"

Ya think a guv would have such influence? Aren't there ethics rules restricting this pay to play?

Chris said...

So, a 'vigorous media campaign,' huh? By the time Deval gets around to this 'campaign' to pitch his breathlessly-awaited book there won't be any 'media' to do his bidding. Talk about a bargain-bin bust, even before the thing's even published!

Monkeesfan said...

So the Democrats don't want the US to win in Iraq, know we are winning there, so they want to shift the debate instead of admit they were wrong all the time.

Yawn - Democrats at it again.

Monkeesfan said...

BTW, the Globe's campaign of aiding and abetting the Democrats' campaign continued today with their headline story questioning the effectiveness of the surge because of local spikes in violence in Iraq.