Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who chooses these Obama photo ops?

First bowling gutter-balls with honkies in Indiana.

Then takin' it to the hoop.

Today a backhand shot in a dingy pool hall.

What comes next? Tap dancing?


Bill said...

What's wrong with pool? This is reaching th point of absurdity. If Obama is seen eating fancy ham and arugula then he's an elitist snob, but if he's seen doing anything with is less expensive than $200 a pound its a pander. Maybe the only photo op you might find acceptable would be Obama sitting down, in a tastefully but not too expensive chair, watching cspan, in a bare room.

Marty said...

This is late to the party, but I'll ad it incase anyone else wanders through here.

There's nothing wrong with pool or bowling, or any of the other things Obama has obviously never done before. Some people like curling.

It's just so obvious it's a photo op. He's got to try so hard to appear "normal", that it's not normal.


There is always a better day ahead.. said...

No - what's next I'll tell you - shooting elks and fishing salmon in Alaska seems to be more acceptable to these type of folk - that went beyond what Obama could ever do! Itchy TRIGger finger saw elk footpints under a 'Willow' tree. TRACK ME, TRACK ME, they said!